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  • For a number of years, many of us have dreamt about making sailing attractive and visible to sports enthusiasts around the world.

  • A lot of sport takes place at remote sites and is therefore unavailable to the wider public, despite the tremendous interest and enjoyment such sport generates among enthusiasts.

  • Our plans include dozens of ideas about what we would like to achieve over time. We have picked out some exciting things to start with, and will gradually implement more features as they develop.

  • Both sportsmen and trainers now have a new way of evaluating and improving their performances – they can use our replay-mode for video and data services.

  • The internet has endless opportunities, including the ability to make our lives a lot more interesting by allowing us to interact with the things that happen around us.

  • With a team of dedicated colleagues, we are developing a sport-based internet platform to reach out to where events take place and bring as much of the excitement and atmosphere as possible home to you.